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The state of New York has a population of approximately 19, ranking 4th in the nation. Coal generates nearly half of the electricity in the U. Home States New York. This average monthly residential electricity bill in New York is 0.

Average monthly residential electricity bills in the U. Residential electricity rates in New York. This average monthly residential electricity consumption in NY is Monthly residential electricity consumption in the U. This average monthly commercial electricity bill in New York is Average monthly commercial electricity bills in the U.

Average Electric Bill

Commercial electricity rates in New York. This average monthly commercial electricity consumption in NY is 2. Monthly commercial electricity consumption in the U. This average monthly industrial electricity bill in New York is Average monthly industrial electricity bills in the U. Industrial electricity rates in New York. This average monthly industrial electricity consumption in NY is Monthly industrial electricity consumption in the U. Income Breakdown in New York [ 4 ] Sorry, data is not currently available.

Please check back later. Household Income: New York vs. Nation [ 4 ] Sorry, data is not currently available. Additional information about New York. About New York The state of New York has a population of approximately 19, ranking 4th in the nation. Did you know?

New York Cities. Athens Avoca Barker. Cobleskill East Rochester Glen Park. Hammond Hornell Hudson Falls.Last updated: February Scroll down or click the following links to find state-by-state data on the average electricity billaverage electricity price and average electricity consumption. Over half of the states have electricity bills that are more expensive than the national average. The states with high electricity bills tend to use less electricity than their cheaper counterparts.

States like Hawaii, which consume less electricity than the national average, tend to have more expensive electricity.

On the other hand, states that use more electricity than average have cheaper electricity. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but this rule stays true for most of the states. The table below shows the state-by-state breakdown of the average monthly consumption of electricity in kilowatt hours kWh. Some of the states with the least electricity consumption have higher electricity rates, and the states with the most electricity consumption carry some of the lowest electricity rates.

Now, with all the information about the prices of electricity and electricity consumption listed out, we can take note of how much people spend on electricity relative to their income. To determine the percentage of income people spend on electricity, we took the average monthly income of each state, and compared it to the average monthly bill of that state the first table of this page as a percentage of monthly income.

What you can see, however, is that the states with the least amount of consumption tend to spend a bit more on electricity, since electricity is more expensive in those states.New York, together with the six New England states and New Jersey, has one of the highest average energy rates in the contiguous United States. It serves over 7. The average New York retail price for electricity in the residential sector was In Washington State, residents paid the lowest average electricity rate in the country at 9.

The average residential electricity rate in New York is In total, Hawaii had less than 29, natural gas customers in New York ranks 50th out of the 51 states and the District of Columbia. The total U. Looking at the electric consumption in the residential sector, New York residents were using an average of kWh a month inwhich was outdone by Hawaii with an average consumption of kWh per month.

At the bottom end is Louisiana with an average consumption of 1, kWh per month. New York residential customers make up 6. In Alabama, the high average monthly consumption of 1, kWh per residential customer compensated for the cheap electricity rates of In comparison, Hawaii, the state with the highest electricity rates in the nation, had the lowest average monthly consumption at kWh per residential customer. Did you know that you can lower your electric bills with smart devices?

Smart thermostats allow you to control the energy usage of your air conditioning unit and furnace. According to the U. Census, the state of New York had a population of 19, inranking 4th in the nation with the third-largest economy in the country.

New York Electricity Rates

InNew York spent 3. In comparison, Louisiana spent EIA data suggests that states with higher energy cost are using energy increasingly more efficiently and a lower consumption per capita, even across all sectors. Energy consumption typically decreases with increasing population density while at the same time the energy efficiency in the transportation and housing sectors increases. Go back to all articles. Category: Home Utilities. Finance Guru.I went looking for this data while considering a basis or average kWh kilowatt hours consumption.

Because someone I know is considering an off-grid energy comparison. They are building a rural home and the electric utility company wants a lot of money to bring power up their new road to the house. The number I was trying to get at was the kWh kilowatt hours per day. It all relates to the size of a battery bank and the cost thereof to store enough energy. That said, there are lots of additional variables beyond just the average home energy consumption.

For example this home will use appliances with LP propane gas e. This will reduce electricity requirements.

New York Residential Energy Rates and Usage Compared to the Rest of the Nation

They will be heating with a wood stove. Other factors too…. It might be interesting to know that the average home among all states consume kWh per month, or 30 kWh per day.

I sourced this data from a site named electricchoice who apparently sourced their data from the U. Energy Information Administration. This chart proves it. It would be interesting to see a total read out of energy consumption to include heating for the northern states. BTUs consumed burning fossil fuels, natural gas, coal, wood etc.

That would give a more accurate picture of actual energy consumption per house hold. Down here in FL we only use electricity to have the luxury of AC. Off grid AC would not be practical. It is all about adapting to our environment.If you're planning to run an air conditioner at home this summer, you're absolutely spoiled for choice.

Compact and portable window and wall units offer an affordable entry-point cooling solution for smaller spaces, while ductless split systems balance economy with efficiency and central cooling is both the most effective and the most expensive of the lot. The costs to run whichever type of AC you choose will vary depending on your city electric rates, how often you run the unit and how your AC performs regarding energy efficiency. One thing that's invariable is that running an air conditioner will increase your power bill.

Electric utility providers typically charge for power by the kilowatt hour or kWh. As of rates, Choose Energy reports that the average U. The cost to run an AC at home varies widely depending on the energy efficiency of the unit, how much you run the AC, the weather and the local cost of electricity per kWh.

It's common for a central air conditioning system to use 3, watts, so let's roll with that and the average national kWh cost — that's Let's also assume that you're running the unit for eight hours per day. On the higher end running for more time each day in a large spaceRealtor. With point-of-entry costs coming in at a few hundred rather than a few thousand dollars, window units are an attractive option for the budget-minded. We can use mostly the same theoretical factors with a window unit as we did with central air, assuming you're running it for eight hours a day at a national average kWh cost of However, window units sip energy compared to relatively massive central heating and cooling systems, usually topping out at about 1, watts for a powerful AC.

What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice

This aligns fairly neatly with Realtor. Of course, window units only cover a couple of hundred square feet of space. So while apartment dwellers may be perfectly cool literally and figuratively with one unit, larger homes may require more than one. If you're using multiple window air conditioners, you can save on your power bill by zoning your cooling, or only running the air in parts of the home that are actively occupied.

Compared to central air, the same source estimates that these types of split systems are to percent more efficient. The proof of that energy efficiency lies in the power bill pudding. Split systems typically use about 9, BTU or watts. Running for eight hours per day at the national average kWh unit cost of Nearly half of that, says the DoE, goes to heating and cooling.Ranked by State.

How much electricity does a home, on average, in your state use? According to the U. Energy Information Administration, the average U. While aside from Alaska and Hawaii, homes in New England use the least amount of electricity.

However, not all states within the United States consume energy in the same way:. Find a better electric rate for your home or business:. Find a great rate for your home. However, not all states within the United States consume energy in the same way: 1.

Louisiana — 1, kWh Per Month The cost of Louisiana electricity rates rank 51 st in the nation The average monthly household electricity consumption in Louisiana is North Dakota — 1, kWh Per Month Although the state has high energy consumption per household, as a state, its total energy consumption is among the lowest in the nation because of its small population The average kWh retail price for electricity is just 8.

Texas — 1, kWh Per Month Texas is also the nation? Oklahoma- 1, kWh Per Month Due to its small population, Oklahoma ranks 24 th in terms of total energy used, despite having such a high household average Arkansas — 1, kWh Per Month Nearly half of Arkansas homes use electricity for home heating The average homeowner pays Idaho — 1, kWh Per Month Properties in Idaho consume approximately twice the amount of electricity the state is able to produce The state has the fourth lowest average electricity prices in the country South Dakota — 1, kWh Per Month Despite having one of the highest average household rankings in the country, South Dakota ranks 46 th in the nation for total energy consumption due to its small population Nebraska — 1, kWh Per Month The state has one of the highest average energy consumption rates per capita.

Individuals in Nebraska average consuming million BTU per person Washington — 1, kWh Per Month Residents in Washington typically pay far below the national average for electricity, with the average Washington resident paying around four cents per kWh lower than the U.

Indiana — 1, kWh Per Month Indiana has one of the nation? Oregon — kWh Per Month Oregon is one of the lowest ranking states both in total energy used per capital and total expenditures per capita The state is the second biggest generator of hydroelectric power despite its low overall expenditure rates Delaware — kWh Per Month Delaware? Montana — kWh Per Month State is known for consistently low energy costs In Montana residents paid on average, three cents below the national average Utah — kWh Per Month State has infamously low electricity prices, ranking in the top 10 for lowest average electricity cost per kWh Electricity use per capita in Utah is around 10, kWh per year Colorado — kWh Per Month State averages District of Columbia — kWh Per Month The average District of Columbia home is significantly smaller than the average home in the United States contributing to low monthly energy costs The average D.

New Jersey — kWh Per Month New Jersey average household energy bills are among the highest in the country Nearly half of the energy used in New Jersey homes goes towards heating costs Alaska — kWh Per Month Besides Hawaii, Alaska, consistently has some of the highest energy costs in the country, with average consumer in paying around 21 cents per kWh for electricity Rhode Island — kWh Per Month Started implementing retail deregulation in Electricity rates are among highest in the nation, with prices in averaging around Vermont — kWh Per Month Inresidential consumers pay in Vermont, on average, around 17 cents per kWh which is around four cents higher than the national average in Hawaii — kWh Per Month Despite having the lowest average energy consumption per household of any state, Hawaii also has the highest energy costs of any state in the U.

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