Interrupt tracker weakaura

By DeriennApril 9, in General Discussion. It also displays a visual texture, indicating that an interruptible cast is currently in progress. The texture changes colour from red to green when the specific cast you are assigned to is in progress.

If you don't use this extra addon you won't hear the countdown One, Two, Three, Four, Five as the auras will not have the sound files available to them. But the auras will work without it, only providing visual aid. If you do not wish to use my addon I recommend editing the aura for the dedicated interrupt assigning a sound warning to the specific cast you are supposed to interrupt. WeakAuras strings. You need 2 versions of the auras if you wish to use them for all difficulties.

The aura is based on checking the number of Blackrock Spines stacks on the boss.

Discipline Priest

There are 5 casts instead of 3 on the Mythic difficulty and the number of stacks corresponds to a different cast. How to edit the aura displaying the cast you are assigned to. I'm sorry but I can't find any errors in the aura and I have been using it myself without issues.

I seem to have made a mistake when creating the strings. I will edit the post in a few minutes, you can then either import the new auras or edit the aura yourself. It doesn't load on Mythic. The issue was that the strings probably contained an earlier version of the aura while I was using a newer one and I didn't realize the aura I uploaded contained an error. I am fairly new to weak auras and I think this is a great concept. I have a question regarding the sound.

Do I remove the sound clips from the. Thanks for any assistance. The only thing it does is making its media files available to other addons. It will make the voice countdown available to WeakAuras. Without it you won't see the sounds in the WeakAuras Play Sound options. So you just have to put the folder named ThatShamanThoMedia into You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. General Discussion. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted April 9, edited.I just converted his weakaura to addon and added configuration GUI. No need to install LibGroupInspect, it is included in this addon.

Dependencies: WeakAuras2 Description Unlike some other interrupt tracking WAs, ZenTracker displays static bars instead of creating them only after a spell is cast for the first time. Additionally, ZenTracker can be used to track all types of useful spell types beyond interrupts e. Finally, ZenTracker uses a lightweight front-end client model, allowing easy customization of the front-end display WAs while the back-end Addon does all of the heavy lifting.

ZenTracker uses a hybrid tracking model: For other players using ZenTracker, it will use addon messages to exchange accurate cooldown information. For any players not using ZenTracker, it will fallback to local, combatlog-based tracking.

While the combatlog-based tracking does contain support for many cooldown modifiers, it is not complete; in some cases e. You can find information on how to configure them in the "Front-End Configuration" section below and the images included on their respective Wago pages. Check them out for amazing functionality beyond the default front-end WAs provided above! The comments explain what each setting controls.

interrupt tracker weakaura

Each of the default front-end WAs above contains a list of types of spells it displays. This can be used to index into the allstates table. This can be used to display an appropriate icon. This allows flexible loading of front-end WAs according to the WA configuration menu, and for the back-end to only watch types that one or more front-end WAs are interested in. Go to Page Addon Info. Change Log Other Files 15 Comments 0. Add Favorite. Compatibility: BfA content patch 8. ZenTracker v8. Archived Files File Name.For this encounter, we recommend 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 14 DPS.

We also recommend using Bloodlust on pull. Almost every single person in the raid WILL be the singular reason for a wipe, multiple times. The boss itself is not difficult, but you will wipe a LOT to the mythic soccer mechanics. Here are two public Weakauras that may aid you. The first is a kick guider, the second is an interrupt rotation WA for the adds. These worked decently well at the time of writing.

Firstly, the non-soccer related mechanics have minimal changes, essentially just increased damage. The entirety of the difficulty and wipes to this fight is related to soccer. For your kicking teams, make sure you assign which one of the Void Ritual soak orbs each person is supposed to soak.

For the interrupts — every single time a kick occurs on the ball, an Awakened Terror add spawns. A missed interrupt likely results in a raid wipe. Each of these needs an assigned interrupt rotation with 4 people in the rotation for each add.

[Basics] Proper Interrupt Technique

Use an interrupt WA, either the one linked above or a different one, to assign and track who should be doing which interrupts. This is a primary mechanic and will require attention to detail.

For soccer: the idea is straightforward. Each soccer phase, you need to kick the ball exactly 3 times. No more, no less. The execution is difficult. There are 3 map layouts of Obelisks, and they will be in exactly the same order every pull. These then repeat. The only thing that can change is which portal the ball itself will spawn at. The X and Diamond represent where the portals are. As far as the rest of the raid is concerned, in general you want to have the boss near where the ball starts every time.

The tanks should be moving the boss to follow the ball, stopping where the adds are. Continue moving throughout the room to follow these adds until the 3 of them are dead. Once teams 1 and 2 have gotten their kicks down solidly, swap them with teams 4 and 5.

These teams will share the same maps, so moving teams 4 and 5 up lets them practice earlier on. As a side note, if one of your tanks has a viably geared Protection Paladin, you should consider bringing it in for this fight. Again, this will be a tedious progression. Every kicker will need to try and practice several times. This is up from 6 seconds on Heroic If a player reaches 3 stacks of Imminent Doom, they die.

This happens if the orb hits a wall, an Obelisk, or the circle around Azshara Because of the larger sized Obelisks that now spawn, plus needing to potentially go further around the room, soccer is much more dangerous and much more lethal Strategy For this encounter, we recommend 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 14 DPS.

Weakaura — Kick Guider Weakaura — Interrupt Rotation Firstly, the non-soccer related mechanics have minimal changes, essentially just increased damage. Map 1: Map 2: Map 3: As far as the rest of the raid is concerned, in general you want to have the boss near where the ball starts every time.Unread post by Julia Mon Jul 23, pm.

Unread post by Herpie Tue Jul 24, am. Unread post by Julia Tue Jul 24, pm. Unread post by Impact91 Tue Jul 31, pm. Unread post by Julia Wed Aug 01, am. Unread post by Herpie Thu Aug 02, am. Unread post by Impact91 Mon Aug 06, am. Unread post by Herpie Mon Aug 06, pm. Posts regarding different games or software will be removed.

Weakauras are important elements in the UI's of most players. They are used to track cooldowns, buffs, procs, legendaries or even boss abilities and are very versatile and helpful. This post is created and maintained to make an overview for both new and experienced players.

If you have any questions regarding to how the addon works, check this guide out. If you require help setting up or adjusting any of the weakauras mentioned below then you can find us in the discord's questions channel.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please reply to the post with a link to the aura in question or tag Julia on discord, here. And a special thank to Loekes for proof reading.

interrupt tracker weakaura

Each of these areas is updated and ready for prepatch or BfA. Utility auras. These are singular auras that are applicable for every spec.

Restoration Druid

Last edited by Julia on Sun Aug 12, pm, edited 1 time in total. Is this possible in WA? Last edited by Julia on Tue Jul 24, pm, edited 1 time in total. I am Impact, the creator of the featured Weakauras above and also thank you very much for that.

For those people that like my Weakauras, i also do have an Arcane Mage Aura. I didn't even know this song until now. Impact has been my Online Name for like years now. Don't even know how i came up with this name. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest.Welcome to the Discipline Priest healing guide written by Joshpriest.

Discipline Priest is a healing spec that excels at dealing with large predictable damage intakes, and brings powerful utility tools to the table. The core gameplay of the discipline priest revolves around Atonement application and then dealing damage to heal through the Atonement buff.

As the most proactive healer in the game, Discipline priests heavily work around preparing for incoming damage by setting up Atonements on the raid prior to the damage. While the Discipline priest ramp up requires a lot of fight knowledge and foresight, the payoff is immense.

Alongside its powerful burst healing, Discipline priest also brings a lot of utility in the form of offensive purges Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel and Leap of Faith. With incredibly high burst healing, powerful utility and strong supplementary DPS, the Discipline priest is one of the best progression healers in the game currently and a worthwhile addition to any raid comp.

Toggle navigation. Discipline Priest Patch 8. Written by Joshpriest Last Updated: 21st Jan, Continue to Talents.That is many separate regions with their own separate Dynamic Info from a single trigger. If you're familiar with event type triggers or aura triggers that provide the "auto-clone" option then you'll understand the concept.

interrupt tracker weakaura

The clones will all take their general settings from the Aura's main settings so positioning them will usually require a Dynamic Group or some potentially intricate coding. Likewise all other settings will be shared across all clones; the colour set in the Display tab, the text settings, sizing and so on, unless you specifically use Conditions or Animations to alter them. All TSU triggers are effectively "Status" type triggers, and will receive the dummy events just as normal Status triggers do.

A few video tutorials have been made over the last few expansions. While they don't always include features that have been added since then, everything in them is still relevant and useful info. When you make a new trigger with the Trigger State Updater type, WeakAuras will send the allstates table into that function as the first arg followed by the event name and the event's own args, as normal. You make a new State by adding a subTable to allstates containing some specific settings, then returning true from the function.

A good way to conceptualise TSU is to think of the allstates table as the way that you can communicate with the WA addon and tell it what clones you want it to make, change, or remove. And to think of a separation between "states" and "clones". The WA addon reads the table of "states" that you give it and creates "clones" based on them. But, for instance, you can't simply change a "state" you previously made to nil and expect the associated "clone" to be removed.

You need to change the state. WA will also then remove the state table for you at that point. Also, see below for relevant info on the importance of using changed. When creating your state subTable in allstates the following settings can be used:.

They define the left and right point of the overlay on the bar. However you need to provide specific information in the state in order for the tooltip you want to show. With that option ticked you need to use:. The only other thing to mention in the state settings is that you can add your own fields to the state.I'm not keeping this Spreadsheet updated anymore, please just check my wago profile and have it sorted by Date to see the most recent udpates. Always delete old weakauras when you update.

interrupt tracker weakaura

Macro to show your target's model on your screen:. This displays a text of people writing clues for the spy into the chat, DBM does the same thing so not really necessary at this point. Somewhat a replacement for the missing nameplate anchoring in 7. This one includes: Hellfire impacts, which healer-bubble is available and which healer is immune to bonds, Parasites Debuff, Tank-debuff in demonphase, Purified Essence timing actually the first one you charged up rather than refreshing the duration when you charge up another one so you see the actual time you have left to get into the bubbledmg debuff on boss, Chaos seed debuff and if you have Threat from the Nightorb.

Doesn't work when someone continues soaking after reaching 9 stacks, haven't found another way or even someone else making it work. This Weakaura will tell you which side is save for the next upcoming beam, however to make it work anyone in the raid has to write into raidchat which side was save during the first Beamcast.

So If left side was save you write "left", if right side was save you write "right". For the rest of the encounter the weakaura will correctly tell you where savespot is, you have to do that on every pull, ideally use 2macros for it. Works on any difficulty. Not using this myself but updated for Legion spellid's and stuff, let me know if you're running into errors. Instructions on how to use it are found in the action-tab.

Even if other people are not using this weakaura you can use it yourself as a reminder. Here's only old stuff, if someone of you or myself ever want to look at anything of this again I keep them saved here. Last update. MMO-C Thread:. Wago Overview:. Pastebin Overview:.

Macro to disable the display:. Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption.

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